Please use this link to download the images of the newest addition to the Draggin range; the Superleggera for women, available in Black and Dark Indigo.


Read on to find out more about the new must-have summer riding jean:

Draggin Redefines The Look and Feel of Riding Jeans

The freedom of riding is why we exist.

By engineering the World’s first pair of Kevlar motorcycle jeans we threw away convention and revolutionised the freedom of the ride. It combined jeans with our famous protective lining to give you protection and comfort for the ride.
The rules have been rewritten with the launch of Superleggera.

Light is the focus. The new riding jeans that are designed to meet the needs of every rider and especially on a summer ride. The Superleggera collection offers ultra-soft, highly comfortable and extremely lightweight jeans that are both wicking and stylish. 

There was a call to action from riders for lightweight jeans. Or as the Draggin design team put it “jeans that weigh the same as my non-riding jeans”.

It is possible now because the Draggin Roomoto MR4+ lining is 30% lighter with double the strength. Roomoto MR4+ offers more than 4.4 seconds of abrasion resistance while dropping its weight 30%. Flexible, breathable and lightweight, Roomoto MR4+ gives you the performance you need if the worst is to happen.
The Superleggera is made from lightweight stretchy denim. Light, cool, breathable and perfect for the conditions of the Australian summer or for summer riding anywhere in the world.

The Superleggera. A new standard. And we dare you to weigh them.

The Superlight motorcycle jeans.