From its inception, Draggin has been committed to safety.

It is at the core of what we do, the first priority in all product development. It is Draggin’s promise to you the riders, that you can put your trust in a pair of Draggin Jeans.

It's why, even after 20 years, we're still investing in breakthrough new technologies, like the Draggin exclusive Roomoto MR7+ safety lining.

Draggin is committed to make the best and safest riding gear in the World and to do that Draggin is rigorously and independently testing all its products.

In 2010, Draggin achieved the breakout result of having the C-Evo jeans fully Approved CE EN13595 to Level 1. These were the first jeans ever to achieve CE Approval, setting a new global standard for casual motorcycling apparel.

Then in 2014, the Holeshot jeans went up a level, literally! Holeshot jeans are fully Approved CE EN13595 Level 2 and better yet that they are lighter, cooler, more flexible and much more comfortable than previous models.

The Holeshot remain at the pinnacle of Draggin's range and set the standard for the entire industry and are the best motorcycle jeans in the World.

Times are changing and so are standards.

The CE EN13595 Level 2 standard that Draggin used as its benchmark is being replaced by a new standard, CE EN17092.

The new standard has been created to reflect the apparel that is currently on the shelves of your local dealership, to help guide you as to the performance of all riding gear, not just offer a standard to products that are at the top of the tree.

As you would expect, Draggin has been at the forefront of these new developments.

Draggin has achieved the top performance of AAA rating. This AAA rating is usually only achieved by traditional leather race suits, the authors of the new standard describe AAA garments as follows: “Offer passive and/or active protection from impact and passive protection from abrasion, using materials and construction that meet higher requirements than for garments covered by parts 3, and 4 of this standard series. Some common examples are: one-piece or two-piece suits. These garments are likely to have severe and limiting ergonomic, weight and thermal penalties.”

Draggin Jeans is delivering maximum protection with optimum comfort: the protection of a racing suit with the comfort of jeans.

The only change for you is a new tag inside the jeans, otherwise all of the Draggin products at your local dealership meet this new standard.

Unrivalled slide time: 1.5x longer than an Olympic Swimming Pool. 200% more abrasion resistance than woven Kevlar alone.