When we first built motorcycle jeans, we threw away the book on traditional motorcycle gear, and started a revolution. It was radically new. And only achievable with our expertise and knowledge of jeans manufacturing.

Draggins look like your favourite pair of jeans, but with high performance features engineered into each pair so you can look good and perform better. When we designed the first pair of Draggin Jeans, we had to make the jean suit the freedom of the ride, kickstand up and down. So you'll feel the difference.

With Draggins, performance and wearability go hand in hand. Inside and out. Against your skin there's another Draggin patented invention. The PML - Performance Mesh Liner. It's a breathable stretch mesh designed for comfort while eliminating friction. Your skin can breathe. And you still look like you're just in jeans.

We've included armour pockets for our own DFFUSE armour range to provide maximum impact resistance. We've removed rivets so you won't scratch your bike. We've shaped our jeans specifically for the bike, whether you ride with a skinny, slim or straight leg.

And just like regular jeans, they're designed to throw in the washing machine so there's more time to plan your next ride.

But only those who ride in Draggins truly know the difference. Put them on. Kickstand up. Take off. Experience the freedom of movement and wearability and feel the freedom of the ride. Only then will you understand.