Since Gotlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach created the first motorcycle in 1885, riding gear remained the same. Leather.

112 years later, inspired Draggin founder Grant Mackintosh revolutionised the freedom of riding by engineering the World’s first pair of protective motorcycle jeans. His desire was to create the safest motorcycle clothing possible. He succeeded, reinventing protective clothing and engineering the most technically advanced motorcycle jeans in the World.

Like many inventions, Draggin Jeans seems simple. Yet as an engineering feat it remains unchallenged. Even 20 years later. Designed by riders, for riders.

150 x CE-LEVEL abrasion resistance tests
Using independent, globally-recognised CE testing methods, we’ve proven time and again Draggins are the strongest, most technically advanced motorcycle jeans in the World. Last year alone, we tested our jeans more than 150 times to prove their superior strength, durability and performance. That’s how we know Draggin Jeans have double the abrasion  resistance of all other riding jeans on the market.


300% reduction in soft tissue injuries
Draggin’s superior abrasion resistance and unparalleled slide time reduces the risk of a soft tissue injury in an accident by more than 300%. More protection for the freedom of the ride, nothing works like Draggin.


Over 7.46 seconds or 75 metres of slide time
Over 7.46 seconds or 75 metres of slide time. Our exclusive new Roomoto MR7+ lining outperforms our previous lining by more than double, with over 7.46 seconds or 75 metres in slide time — further than an Olympic swimming pool.


30% lighter: More freedom for your ride
Perhaps our greatest feat is achieving unprecedented levels of protection and performance whilst making our jeans lighter and more comfortable. Our new Roomoto MR7+ lining weighs 30% less than previous linings, making Draggins the lightest proven motorcycle gear you can buy.


Lab Tested. Road Proven.