Designed to look good and perform better. With over 20 years of product development and innovation in the lab and on the road, we focus on the part of riding that no wants to so you don't have to — the accident.

Research shows that in an average motorcycle accident it takes approximately 28 metres for you to stop. That's further than the length of a tennis court. But we rise to a challenge. And then we push beyond the limit.

Draggin's exclusive RooMoto MR7+ lining is engineered to protect, using rigorous CE testing methods to prove Draggins outperform all other motorcycle jeans, time after time.

Our passion for performance and determination to make every pair of Draggins better than the last is what keeps us ahead of the pack. Our RooMoto MR7+ lining takes you over 75 metres or 7.46 seconds in slide time for unrivalled protection. That's more than 2 tennis courts or further than an Olympic swimming pool.

This unprecedented level of abrasion resistance means a 300% reduction in the risk of a soft tissue injury in an accident, and it's what makes Draggins the World's Nº1 Protective Motorcycle Jeans since 1997.

But more than just safety, Draggins are infused with authentic motorcycle passion, from riders, for riders — designed for the freedom of the ride. Ride Free. Ride Draggin.

Setting the standard since 1997.

Often imitated, never duplicated. Draggin Jeans role as inventor of the motorcycle jeans category, and innovator of new and groundbreaking materials and methods, has seen us awarded and recognised for our products and contribution to the industry for over 22 years. From respected industry-leading peers, to international design councils, Draggin Jeans standing as a design and engineering product of excellence is beyond question. For the original, there’s only one choice.