At Draggin we focus on the part of riding that no wants to, so you don't have to: The Accident.

Nothing gives us a greater sense of satisfaction than our research and development serving its purpose. That is when a fellow rider comes out unscathed because of his Draggin’s.

Peter Thoeming, from Aus Motorcyclists Magazine, unintentionally crash tested a pair of Draggin Twistas after he miscalculated a move in traffic that had him bounce off a four-wheel drive and hit the road.

Here you can read Peter’s review of his Draggin’s, or to read more detailed account buy the latest December edition of Aus Motorcyclist:

“This was a top test of the bike’s equipment and my clothing…In the trouser department I was wearing Draggin Jeans Twista pants. These have become my everyday go-to riding pants, although I do wear them without protectors; that way they can easily pass as normal jeans…The jeans did their job unobtrusively and well. There was no permanent mark on them, just a bit of dirt…But that’s all pretty good, isn’t it? Everything I was using and wearing did its job, and I arrived at work a little late and completely unharmed. Wish that I could say that after some business meetings…”

Draggin is pleased to hear Peter’s protective gear did its job and thank you for the testimonial on Draggin.

Draggin will keep testing in its Lab so you can focus on the part of riding we all love: Enjoy The Ride.