Back in the 90’s, when Draggin Jeans was just getting started, we received a lot of offers of alternative Kevlar fabrics for use in its products.

These alternatives looked sound; however for them to be used in my products I needed to be sure they were appropriate for use. So they were put to the test. The results were very clear. None of the others performed well, so it was surprising that they were being marketed as protective – these fabrics were considerably cheaper and more readily available.

This became a defining moment in the progression of Draggin Jeans...

Should Draggin use one of the alternatives and increase its margins, pass on the savings to retailers, and deliver a cheaper product to riders?

It was a no brainer. Using any of these alternatives would lead to serious injuries. At Draggin such risks cannot be justified by any amount of saving.

Draggin Jeans is, and always will be, about creating the safest motorcycle clothing.

Draggin is dedicated to ensuring that its protective products remain at the forefront of fibre technology. And Draggin’s provide the safest and most comfortable protection available. That has always been Draggin’s commitment to those that ride.

It is in keeping that promise that Draggin Jeans has secured the right to be a Preferred Licensee for DuPont Kevlar.

I have included with this post recent results from the CE laboratory. These results are independently undertaken and exist as further proof of the differences in the quality of “protective” products being sold in Australia.

Obviously the cheaper fabrics I was offered over two decades ago are still available, and still remain unfit for purpose.

After 20 years, and as different brands come and go, our mission remains the same — Draggin will always do what is best for the motorcyclists.

As Always, Ride Safe

Grant Mackintosh – Founder, First Drag Test Victim and CEO of Draggin