For over 20 years, since the conception of the very first pair of Draggin Jeans we've been innovating, iterating and investing to ensure the highest achievable performance in impact, burst and abrasion resistance for motorcycle jeans. And it's why, after all these years, we're still the World's #1 Motorcycle Jeans.

Our determination to innovate at every step of the manufacturing process and in each element that goes into constructing a pair of Draggin Jeans has lead to the creation of our exclusive proprietary safety lining technology, Roomoto™. This revolution in material engineering has been backed by companies such as the Satra Technology Centre Testing Facility, Idada, Paul Varnsverry from PVA-PPE Group, DuPont Kevlar, Deakin University, The Deakin University Hub, as well as working with our specialist R&D teams in technical material innovation.

Each of these world leading materials experts has undertaken extensive, independent testing to prove what we have known all along. That Draggin Jeans are the safest, highest performing jeans money can buy. It's why we exist, and why real riders choose to ride in Draggins.


Until recently, CE EN13595 was the only standard. Draggins were the first jeans in the world to meet this standard. To put that achievement into perspective, Draggin Jeans were awarded a full CE certification before the Laguna Seca Dainese Racesuit. Today, with products the suit all riders, styles and budgets, Draggin has two pairs of jeans that have met a full CE certification — Holeshot Approved CE Level 2 and C-EVO Approved CE Level 1 at EN13595 standard.

In April 2018, a new standard came into effect — the EN17092. There are several differences in the new testing and certification process, with the most relevant being the change to the impact abrasion test.

The genesis of the new rating system was to create a standard testing model that identifies and certifies all of the motorcycle clothing currently available on the market, giving riders greater transparency of the level of protection that the gear they are buying delivers. In effect, the standard has been created to give all existing riding gear a rating.

The pass rates for motorcycle clothing per the new EN17092-1 testing model are as follows:

A = 45KPH Pass
AA = 70KPH Pass
AAA = 120KPH Pass, the highest level for Abrasion resistance.

Without any changes to our product whatsoever, Draggin's entire range of motorcycle jeans and pants achievers a minimum AA rating. As for Draggin's Holeshot, these class-leading jeans test higher than AAA, meaning riders like you can experience performance and protection superior to anything found on a race track, while delivering unrivalled comfort as the lightest, most breathable pair of jeans with a CE Level 2 Approved EN13595 rating.

Without any changes to our product whatsoever Draggin's entire range of motorcycle jeans and pants achieves a minimum AA rating, with Holeshot exceeding the AAA rating.

So, in keeping you informed of these new certification standards, does it change anything for Draggin? Simply, no. Draggin makes jeans to protect riders. Protection that's proven to work in real life, where you need it most. As all independent testing has shown, your favourite pair of Draggin's still outperform all other jeans and riding alternatives, on the road an in the event of an accident.

Draggin is and always will be the class-leading pioneer of motorcycle jeans, delivering riders with the safest, lightest and most comfortable jeans money can buy.