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RIDE magazine is the most trusted global magazine for independent testing of motorcycle products, and this week they rated Draggin Rebel the "Best Buy", thanks to Draggin's "total protection and good feel on the bike". Draggin was 1 of 12 motorcycle jeans to undergo the product test. Draggin Founder, Grant Mackintosh, was thrilled to receive the results as it holds true everything Draggin stands for and his choices to include only the world's best ingredients in Draggin's RooMoto lining. Grant also added that RIDE Magazine is a serious and highly respected player with regards to product testing, helping riders to make informed decisions when choosing protective jeans.

Here is what RIDE Magazine had to say about Draggin Rebel receiving the highly coveted "Best Buy":

"Thanks to their complete protection and all-around performance on the bike, the Draggin Rebels get a well-deserved BEST BUY Triangle." said RIDE Magazine. After an intensive 2–phase testing schedule, which pitted us against the likes of Dainese, Bull-It and Alpinestars.

We can't say we're surprised by the results...

How Rebel Feel
"The addition of the Elastane in the cotton denim weave means the Draggin’s have a degree of stretch to them, which made them very comfortable on the bike and it was easy to move around. It also keeps the armour close to the body so there’s less tendency for it to move around." said RIDE Magazine

How Rebel Was Put To The Test.
A 2-phase testing program was carried out by RIDE, with editor Matt Wildee using Rebel for his daily commute on back roads, motorways, in traffic and on the open road, testing comfort, fit and confidence in all conditions. Then, the RIDE team conducted their own abrasion tests using bags of gravel to simulate the weight of a rider being dragged along the road at 50km/h.

Draggin gets FULL MARKS - 10/10
"The testing method revealed that Draggin’s lining worked well, covering the full interior down to the knee while there were holes in the outer denim, none were through the lining, so no skin would have been exposed to the road. Full Marks." said RIDE Magazine