Once again, the experts have spoken. Visordown, the UK's Number 1 Motorcycle news and reviews website, has roadtested Draggin Blkgen jeans. Once again, the verdict is clear. Real riders choose Draggin.

Visordown review written by Harry McKenzie and published on Text and images copyright Visordown / Crash Media Group 2019.

Visordown has been testing out the lighter and more durable Draggin BLKGEN motorcycle jeans. Here’s what we make of them.

I’m not completely sold on the price but I have no doubts about the safety. And let’s be honest, safety is king. I’ve been regularly wearing the Draggin BLKGEN jeans for around three months now. They claim to be 30% lighter, twice as safe and have the longest slide time ever [70 meters]. We’ll have to take Draggin’s word for it, but from what I’ve seen and felt from the BLKGEN’s is a high level of quality and exquisite comfort; for a premium price, I’d expect nothing less. The high price may deter many, but the straight cut BLKGEN’s can be worn in more casual scenarios without raising any eyebrows, although, they’re not going to win any awards for fashion.


Stretch denim is used for the external fabric with the inside being lined with 100% Kevlar Roomoto MR7+ and a lot of it. In fact, the most I’ve ever seen on a denim jean, which goes some way to justify the high price tag. The Roomoto fabric allows 7.46 seconds of slide time, which exceeds the CE level 2 abrasion resistance safety requirement. Although I’ve not tested this [thank the lord], what I can attest to is the comfort and breathability of the Mesh liner. With so much kevlar fitted into the jeans, a good liner is very important and this one works brilliantly. 


Other features include: 

  • Traditional 5 pocket design

  • Side and rear seam construction triple stitched

  • Locking front zipper 

  • Performance Mesh Liner to prevent heat transfer from road friction

  • Knee and Hip armour pockets for CE approved protectors



The stretch denim is a nice addition, making the jeans comfortable even as I hunch awkwardly over my Fireblade. Personally, the fit could be a little slimmer but the straight cut is good for pulling over motorcycle boots. Waist sizes range from 28-44”, and the leg has plenty of length, which keeps your ankles covered when sat on the bike.



The BLKGEN’s don’t have any protections fitted, but it does have the hip and knee slots allocated to fit them if required. For around £30 pounds you can add the protections. To be fair, I find the knee armour in jeans to be a bit pointless because it’s not fixed in position and moves during a crash [I know this from personal experience], but it would be nice to have for the price of these jeans. The Kevlar covers nearly ¾ of the back of the jean to the top of the calf area, no skimping out on Kevlar here!


Granted, you pay a premium for the BLKGEN jeans, but the amount of Kevlar protection is second to none, and that shizzle is expensive. Yes, it would be nice to have some armour included in the price, but what cannot be denied is that impressive 70m slide distance! I’m not completely sold on the price but I have no doubts about the safety. And let’s be honest, safety is king. If you’re in the market for some high-quality, comfortable and proven motorcycle jeans - which don’t look nerdy - then Draggin’s BLKGEN’s might be what you’re looking for.