Draggin takes protection and performance seriously. Draggins need to look good, yet perform better. That's why, for over 20 years, Draggin has researched, innovated, developed and tested our jeans over and over again to bring you the World's Nº1 Motorcycle Jeans.

Just ask Clemens Kopecky, editor of Motorrad Magazin Austria.

Clemens unintentionally put the abrasion resistance of his Draggin Jeans to the test during a recent crash. His decision to wear them literally saved his skin.

Clemens, a seasoned rider and respected European motorcycle journalist at Motorrad Magazin, hit a hidden gravel spill mid-corner at around 80 km/h (50 mph) and low-sided, causing him to slide for several seconds on the tarmac. Luckily he was wearing Draggin Selvedge jeans that did exactly what they are designed to do. Draggin's kept him from sustaining any abrasion injuries, as he explains,

“I was riding through a dark forest section of fast road when I felt the front end go. The next thing I knew I was sliding across the asphalt towards the verge on the other side. Turns out there had been a small landslide on the bend and I had hit the loose gravel before I even knew it was there.

“I am really impressed with how the Draggin jeans I was wearing performed - they literally saved my behind! The only evidence of the accident is some light scuffing to the denim; the protective lining is completely intact, which is something I never expected from any motorcycle jeans.

“It’s one thing to read about lab tests and simulations but nothing is as persuasive as having experienced the abrasion resistance of these jeans first-hand. They certainly live up to their claims and the outcome could have been very different had I not chosen to wear them that day.”

Draggin’s CEO, Grant Mackintosh, is also very familiar with how effective his company’s jeans are at protecting the skin during a crash, having had a severe trip along the tarmac himself in 2016, as he recalls, “Obviously none of us want to find out how effective the products are in a real life scenario, but I know from personal experience that the effort we put into making Draggin the safest jeans for motorcyclists on the market makes all the difference if the worst should happen.

“I was unlucky enough to have broken a few bones in my accident but my skin stayed in one piece because I was wearing jeans that do what they say they do. Draggin may not be the cheapest but we don’t ever want to be that. Cheap equals cost-cutting where materials and construction are concerned. And when it comes to safety you can't make those compromises. That's a recipe for serious injury. Draggin's are a premium product. Designed, manufactured and lab tested to actually do what it is meant to. The tests prove it, as does the praise we regularly receive from real world riders like Clemens.”

No excuses then. With Selvedge you get more than serious casual protection, Draggins are the authentic motorcycle jeans from riders, for riders. Made to do one thing — extreme the freedom of your ride.