The inventor reinvented.

Inventors are a rare breed. Passionate. Focused. And prepared to do whatever it takes to see their vision become a reality. Yet few are as determined as Draggin Jeans founder, Grant Mackintosh. Grant put his arse on the line at 100kph to prove his incredible game-changing technology. Grant delivered a product that revolutionised motorcycle clothing and changed the face of riding forever. Draggin invented riding jeans and continues to redefine his original riding jean. The new Draggin lining, Roomoto MR7+, does just this. It turns conventional wisdom on its head. Bigger engine for more power, wider tyre for more grip... Roomoto MR7+ is a thinner, lighter fabric with more abrasion resistance.

Lightest. Longest slide time.

Roomoto MR7+ changes the paradigm by increasing safety, almost doubling the abrasion resistance from 4.4 seconds to more than 7.46 seconds. This is higher than the slide time for CE level 2 safety rating. At the same time Roomoto MR7+ has dropped in weight, it is now 30% lighter.  Making Draggin the lightest protective riding jeans. Full stop. Being exceptionally light weight makes for ultra-breathability and comfort. Draggin are the perfect motorcycle jeans for all riding conditions.

We all know genuine ingredients equals genuine performance. Draggin puts riders first when it chooses to use only genuine fibres in its Roomoto MR7+. Despite riding jeans often being called Kevlar jeans only Draggin meets the stringent requirements to be awarded the title of DuPont Kevlar Preferred Licensee. Kevlar recognises Draggin for meeting the safety requirements. For you it means with Draggin you get genuine results.

Proof is the answer.
In the lab, there's nowhere to hide. It's jeans vs. machines in the purest test of performance and durability. The data rules. And we live for the data... It enables Draggin to innovate, test, refine and improve. And using the globally-recognised CE testing methods, we prove Draggin Jeans are the strongest, most technically advanced moto jeans in the world. First using accepted CE 13595 and now EN17963 standard testing methods we prove Draggin’s.  

We may not be the only gear for the ride. But we are the only one to hit the road in. After all, the data speaks the truth.