Roomoto MR7+

We invented Kevlar jeans. After 20 years we remain unrivalled. But we out invented Kevlar jeans.

Our founder Grant Mackintosh inspired to make the safest motorcycle clothing hasn't stopped inventing.

In fact Grant is often heard saying we need to make our jeans safer than the toughest hide. But what is the toughest hide...well it's the leather of a kangaroo. Our nations very own emblem.

He said it and now he's done it.

Draggin Jeans now feature an exclusive lining now. It is tougher than a Roo. It's tougher than just Kevlar. It is Roomoto MR7+. In accepted standard testing Roomoto MR7+ lasts 7.45seconds or 70 metres of slide time in a crash. That's almost double the abrasion resistance of any previous Draggins.

But it's not just it's unrivalled safety, while increasing the safety Roomoto MR7+ is now 20% lighter. Making them the lightest motorcycle performance-ware.

It sounds good but it feels even better. Get into a Draggin Dealer, look for the Roomoto label. And experience this next leap forward for yourself.


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