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Surprised us too that there are no protective waterproofs. So Draggin made Oilskins with Draggin's world leading safety. Water resistant. Ready for the rain. We may not be the only gear for the rain. But we are the only one to hit the road in.

  • Made from Fortress fabric
  • Traditional cut for rider protection
  • Slight boot cut to fit riding boots
  • Roomoto MR7+ lining 
  • Rigid fabric
  • High rise, Straight fit

More about Oilskins:
The Oilskins are made from ‘Fortress’ fabric. The fabric is a technological breakthrough in their environmentally friendly formulation and manufacturing process. Fortress fabric offers extreme weather protection from wind, rain and snow while the vapour technology and 100% natural cotton allow the fabric to breathe. This special fabric is also washable, enabling easy maintenance of your Oilskins. 


  • Roomoto MR7+ protective lining 
  • Min. 7.45 seconds or 75 metres slide time
  • 30% Lighter
  • Traditional 5 pocket design
  • Leather belt patch with Draggin logo
  • Brushed metal matt finish button 
  • No rivets so you don't scratch your bike
  • Side and rear seam construction triple stitched
  • Genuine locking front zipper without nickel content
  • Knee armour pockets for CE approved protectors

About Roomoto MR7+:

Roomoto MR7+ is a thinner, lighter fabric with more abrasion resistance with the longest slide time. Roomoto® MR7+ changes the paradigm by increasing safety, almost doubling the abrasion resistance from 4.4 seconds to more than 7.46 seconds. This is higher than the slide time for CE level 2 safety rating. At the same time Roomoto MR7+ has dropped in weight, it is now 30% lighter. Making Draggin® the lightest protective riding jeans. Being exceptionally light weight makes for ultra-breathability and comfort. Draggin are the perfect motorcycle jeans for all riding conditions. With Draggin you're ready to ride!