When our CEO, Grant Mackintosh, founded Draggin Jeans, his desire was to create the safest motorcycle clothing possible. The first step of this journey was to establish what standards existed and use them as the yardstick by which to measure the effectiveness of his designs. This ultimately led him to the CE EN13595 tests and CE approval.

Most people think of CE EN13595 purely in terms of abrasion resistance, but it is so much more than that.

CE EN13595 is actually made up of 13 tests, plus a series of additional requirements, which are detailed in the CE technical file. At the core of CE’s method of replicating a motorcycle accident are three tests:

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Tear Strength
  • Burst Strength

Once these key safety requirements above are met, the process moves on to conduct a further 10 technical tests. Even after these are met and passed, a CE approved product must comply with further requirements as outlined in the technical file supplied by CE.

It is this rigorous procedure that has shaped and defined our Holeshot Jeans design characteristics and is the reason why in Draggin Holeshot you'll find:

  • A full length Roomoto MR7+ safety lining from waist to hem
  • Stirrups that secure around the boot
  • CE approved hip and knee armour

It's unrivalled performance and superior protection delivered in the original, authentic motorcycle jean that keeps delivering — ride after ride.

CE approval matters because it is the only way that a motorcycle clothing manufacturer can independently certify the performance of its products. We're proud to have been the first brand to achieve a CE approved jean as well as producing the lightest CE approved jean.

But we’re not putting the brakes on any time soon...

We're inspired to push our performance to the limits to bring you the kind of protection you only expect from Draggin. The protection you deserve.

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